My First Dental Implant in Singapore

It started out as a toothache. Just a mild one. After a day or so it went completely away. I looked in the mirror in front of a bright light to see of I could spot any dark areas on the tooth where a cavity might be. I could not see anything. A couple of months later the pain came back. I put up with it for about three or four days this time. Then it subsided again. By the time it came back the third time, I was looking to schedule a dental implant in Singapore.

I waited too long to get my tooth looked at by a dentist. The tooth had to be extracted. Continue reading

No More Embarrassment from the Wart

Ever since I was a teenager I had a small wart on the side of my hand. I know it shouldn’t bother me, but it always did. I always found myself hiding my hands when I was talking to people. In this society the way you look is very important. I know everyone says they don’t judge people on their looks, but they do. I have heard the comments from the rude girls at school and even the laughter at my job. When I found the website I was a little skeptical if I could actually find a way to get rid of the wart.

Every time I would mention something about the wart to my parents, my mother would give me this look like I should rise above the problem. But at the same time she looked perfect in every way and I always thought if she was in my situation she would be running to the doctor to have it removed. I found your website one night when I was surfing online looking for home remedies. Since my parents probably wouldn’t pay for the doctor I needed to find a natural way to remove the wart.

Thanks to your website I was able to find out what type of wart it was, in fact I was very surprised there were so many types of warts. I found a few different natural ways to remove the wart on my hand. It took a few months, but I finally got rid of it. I have so much confidence now that it is gone. I know the mean girls are laughing behind my back anymore and the boys are wondering what is wrong with my hands. Thanks to your website, I won’t be hiding my hands anymore. I will shake hands and be proud of myself.