My First Dental Implant in Singapore

It started out as a toothache. Just a mild one. After a day or so it went completely away. I looked in the mirror in front of a bright light to see of I could spot any dark areas on the tooth where a cavity might be. I could not see anything. A couple of months later the pain came back. I put up with it for about three or four days this time. Then it subsided again. By the time it came back the third time, I was looking to schedule a dental implant in Singapore.

I waited too long to get my tooth looked at by a dentist. The tooth had to be extracted. It was cracked and had an abscess by the time I got to the dentist. Looking back on it, it would have been much better and much less expensive to just have gone at the first sign of pain. The orthodontist I went to see told me that the cavity was below the gum line, and that is why I could not see it. The crack formed as the tooth weakened from the cavity.

I got my dental implant in Singapore at a really good orthodontic practice last year. I had to wait six months for the bone to fill in where the extraction was. That means I had a gap in my front teeth for that period of time. Yes, it would have been a lot better to just have kept regular dental appointments. It took several months to lose the tooth, and several months for the implant to be done. The waiting period is for bone to fill in the spot in your jaw where a tooth came out. There has to be bone there for the implant screw to have something to hold onto.

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