Reducing Physical Therapy Time with a Chiropractor

Work place accidents are embarrassing at best and debilitating at worst. Being out of work for weeks at a time without insurance and trying to get by only on Workman’s Compensation can have you so far behind that only a lot of extra overtime will be able to get get you back to where you once were. This is what happened to me; I ended up so far behind with therapy not helping me that I had no choice but to go see a San Jose accident injury chiropractor. I didn’t know whether or not he was going to be able to help me when I first arrived. I was terrified that I would be ‘stuck’ in this situation forever; not being able to work 40 hours was absolutely killing me financially but because of the nature of the damage that I had taken to my back, Workman’s Comp. refused to allow me to work full time until a therapist, one they agreed upon my seeing, gave me the green light.

I had no idea what to expect when first walking through thaat door. The worst, honestly. I completely expected him to tell me that there not going to be anything that he could do for me. I’ll tell you with complete honesty that the first two hours that we explored some options including simple spinal adjustments that the pain diminished more than weeks of physical therapy had given me. Because of the diminishment in pain I was actually able to begin doing more therapy which helped speed up the process. In a matter of two weeks time, when they were predicting nearlytwo months of therapy, I had gone from being able to work only part time to finally being back on full time. That’s my kind of physical therapy!