Started Trying to Lose 35 Pounds

I have decided that I am going to figure out how to get back to something close to my ideal weight. This recent storm, Winter Storm Jonas has reminded me of how I gained so much weight last winter because of the string of storms and blizzards we had last winter. Like most people I spent the entire winter sitting on my couch doing nothing, aside from gaining unwanted weight. I am trying to find the best weight loss program for me. It is not so easy to figure this out, since you must have tens of thousands of different plans being sold by as many actors. Many of them have no real clue what they are doing it would seem. They are simply contriving something which has a good chance of separating people from their money. This must be one of the biggest industries in the country, as we are a nation which contains a very large number of overweight people of all ages and colors. In fact everyone knows how to lose weight. It is rather simple. You exercise and you diet. It is a simple matter of burning more calories than you bring in to the body. Of course that is not much fun and like most other people I would like to find a way which did not involve quite so much hard work and sacrifice. It is a weakness I would guess, but not one which is uncommon. Every overweight person is looking for the easy way out. In my case it is probable that I shall not find it, if only because I need to lose around thirty five pounds. That is a big number really and not quite as much as I need to lose in theory, but it is not something you can lose without sacrifice.