The advantages of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Weight loss efforts to be a trend in this era as a way to beautify yourself. A wide range of the method, there are only a set diet, using herbal medicines including the group’s efforts to manipulate the body’s more-known that in the automotive body polish-like system with fat injection or fat suction (liposuction). But for those who belong to overweight or obese, the above efforts are not effective. They would require a more invasive action again. In some countries that have advanced medical technology, obesity surgery skill becomes a bestseller when it is Bariatric Surgery, which is a surgery to cope with it-both-conditions to prevent or reverse weight gain above normal.


One technique in Bariatric Surgery is currently growing rapidly, especially in America and Europe is Gastric Bypass Surgery. Even in the USA is an operation that is not special anymore because until it’s been done over 140,000 times. This technique is the development or modification of previous techniques, namely by reducing the volume of the stomach and connect only a small proportion of it by bypassing the small intestine into the mouth of the stomach (gastric), so in addition to the patients always feel full on condition that a relatively small volume of food, as well reduce the absorption of nutrients by the small intestine which makes the calories taken into the body also minimized.

a number of insurers are trying to start to cover gastric sleeve cost. Generally, insurance is definitely more ready to handle the cost of bariatric surgery when the patient’s excess fat has contributed to medical conditions for instance diabetes or hypertension. Certain insurance companies will cover the entire costs of surgery, although some will subsequently cover piece.

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